Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Oreos

My favourite biscuit is the Oreo, so when a packet mistakenly fell into my shopping basket in the supermarket today I knew I had to hide them or I would eat them – all.

Whilst pinning this afternoon I saw a pin with pink icing on a cupcake, that were being iced for charity – and each one had an Oreo biscuit at the bottom – the perfect way to hide them!

Used my favourite cupcake recipe from Cupcake Creations this time the Chocolate Chip recipe – this cupcake recipe is brilliant.

Before popping the mixture into the cases, I placed an Oreo biscuit at the bottom of each paper case and then baked as normal.

Once cooled, I put butter cream on the top – again using Cupcake Creations recipe as this works every time and popped a Cadbury’s Twirl on the top!

oreos, cupcakes, chocolate chips

If you like these you will love our Creme Egg recipe – coming soon …..


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